About Moi

So, hmm, what to say. Other accounts I have, I go by a variation of a name based on crafting, so until I decide to out myself, for now, I shall call myself Knit.

I’m a wacky lady, with an inner geek that giggles at jokes and irreverence from ST: TOS & TNG to Mordor to D&D and back again, through SW, silly TV shows, and everything in between. I don’t really have a favorite genre, show, book, author, movie, quote, or person. Well maybe a person, or a few persons, but that shall remain a mystery for now.

If you’re interested in following odd goofy weird insightful neurotic crazy loving and geeky things, the hop right on…it’ll be a heck of a ride. I try not to speak in code or weird colloquialisms, but it does happen on occasion. I’m also notorious for typing as I think, refusing to proofread – or my brain auto-correcting what I didn’t type/spell/say correctly, and having to go back and change things later… Apologies for any inconveniences.

So, wow, well you’re still here, then I guess.

This will be about introspection, random thought tangents, my journey to whole health (and I guess that includes mental…SCARY!), my general wacky, snarky, and sassy sarcastic self…and whatever I feel like including…

So, enjoy or don’t…

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