Stronger Together

I just NEED, viscerally, to take a moment here to make a shout-out to every single special person that life, social media, mutual friends, the internet, and any randomness of fate who has been brought into my life. And every single one of you are special to me, so that makes you special, whether you feel that way/choose to celebrate it or not. So suck it up, buttercup. SPECIAL, you are.

I need you. You need me. We are better/smarter/stronger/wiser TOGETHER. We need to remember THIS FACT in our darkest moments of self doubt and fear and being overwhelmed and self-loathing and misery and all the BS in our lives…

Remind yourself of who you are, why you are HERE (literally, figuratively, metaphorically, etc.) in the first place, how our commonalities brought us together, how our differences make us a stronger and well-knitted, well-suited team.

We may need each other for a minute, an hour, a day, or a lifetime – or any measure of time in between, but we are here, together in this very moment, because we are both/ALL in need of the support, camaraderie, friendship, renewal of spirit/faith/hope, reminders, dose of reality, and laughter that will sustain us all through this crazy thing called life.

If you are in my life, it is for a reason, and no matter what that reason is, I choose to be thankful (and hopefully gracious) for whatever you are sharing with me and teaching me…

So, thank you. THANK YOU ALL. Much love. And all the hugs.

3 comments on “Stronger Together

  1. rjtheodore says:

    I really appreciate you for what a great friend you are, Knit ❤

  2. throughmyeyes789 says:

    this is wonderful, I’m glad we are special in each other’s lives 🙂 ‘auntie’

  3. Pamela Chris Pyle says:

    Aw Carly Thank you so much. You are also special to me. Being a new widow I am feeling frustration having to deal with many things hubby always just took care of like buying cars and dealing with the bills and all the decisions. But you know what we are stronger and smarter together. Needing to make so many changes in my life and getting used to my new life. I need good supportive hang out places. Thanks for being here just at the perfect time for me.

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