What IF?

I seriously just had an epiphany.

What if the reason most of us can’t/won’t accept that we need medication for mental STUFFS (or feel like lesser humans/abject failures) isn’t because we don’t want to be dependent on it or whatever?

What if it is a function of the mental disorder ITSELF that tells us we don’t need it, we shouldn’t need it, and accepting it makes us less of a person, etc.?!?!?!?!?

I mean, we all know that DEPRESSION LIES*. We all know that the hardest part of compliance for someone with a mental condition is medication/medical plan compliance, right? Because once someone is taking their medication regularly, they start to feel better, or normal. Once they start feeling better, they become convinced that they don’t need the medication/therapy/program anymore.

What if that is NO DIFFERENT than the mad sugar/starch cravings we get when healing our gut – from the bad bacteria die off? The bacteria is having a panic reaction at feeling starved and dying, so it send out those severely intense cravings to fuel itself and restore it’s condition.

What if that same reaction happens with brain chemicals???

* http://wilwheaton.net/2012/09/depression-lies/

For the first time, EVER, I realized that ^^ this link was actually inspired by this link: http://thebloggess.com/2012/09/10/today-and-forever/

And if you’ve ever struggled with mental afflictions or figuring out how to become who you want to be, the YouTube video at that second link WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

A wonderful read from the comments of the second linked blog:

Another link from the comments: https://lizzerss.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/on-suicide-and-depression-or-why-positive-thinking-is-a-load-of-fuckery/

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